Performance Tuning Course

This performance tuning course is suitable for developers who access databases, for database administrators, data warehouse and business intelligence developers and off course for professional tuning consultants. It aims to take you beyond best practices and go below the surface into  the realm of measurement and KNOWLEDGE about why your implementation works or doesn’t.

Performance Tuning Course GraphicsI will teach you how to use xperf, WPR and XEvents to scientifically measure, diagnose and resolve performance and scalability issues. I will cover both SQL Server itself and code (like .NET) that access the database.

While the curriculum assumes you are already familiar with basic indexing strategies and query tuning, you will learn more about the internals of query execution and good join strategies. I will also cover tuning patterns you can apply to  proactively make your designs scalable – before any nasty surprises occur.

We will dig deep into spinlocks, latching, hardware specific tricks and other more obscure areas of SQL Server so you are armed to take on the hardest tuning challenges.

The course is designed to be taught in one day and consists of 4 sessions lasting 1.5h each, allowing time for lunch and coffee breaks between the sessions. I can go on site to teach the course directly to your employees and quickly ramp up their tuning skills.

The price of this course is 500 GBP/person and a minimum of 10 people have to attend.

If you want to host this course, see the details here: Hosting my Courses