Battleheart Legacy Optimal Build

Here is my guid to the optimal character build for battleheart legacy. For your reference I also include an easily searchable list of skills.


For your ease of use, I have provided a CSV and Excel file of all Battleheart Legacy Skills


Skill boost Combos

The crucial combat technique in Battleheart Legacy is to activate skills as often as possible. The difference between your typical damage output and using a skill is at least 2x and gets larger the further you advance in the game. There are a few ways to get more use of skills:

Frenzy (barbarian): Has a minor effect on cool down time. Activate just before you fire off all you ready skills.

Student of the Mind (wizard): Combined with the item: Almanac of Annihilation can give you an impressive 55% reduction in cool down. This makes a huge difference.

Impending Doom (ninja): Makes your critical hits cool down skills. Combined with items like Black Lotus or Howling Sickle, skills like Flame Weapon (Battlemage), Victory Banner (Knight) and the passive skills that increase critical chance you can make sure you crit frequently enough to spam skills. Add Lethality (ninja) and Cowl of the Red Fang and you will squeeze out a lot of extra damage.

Premeditate (archer): Very powerful skill that allows you to make any other skill an 8 second cool down by first activating Premeditate and the using the other skill only once before activating premeditate again. Especially useful together with Time Stop (wizard) or Horror (Witch) to keep enemies stub locked.

Song of Inspiration (bard): While resetting all skill cool down timers may sound useful, the 45 second timer is too slow. Unfortunately, this skill does not reset the timer of premeditate.

Other Combos

A few skills work together so well that it is worth using them in combination as often as possible.

Tornado (witch) + Blizzard (Wizard): group enemies up nicely, keeps them at a distance and hits them with hail. The bread and butter combo of spell casters. Combine with Corpse Explosion (necromancer) and/or Meteor (wizard) for spectacular burst damage.

Savage Pounce (barbarian) + Ki Blast (monk): Jump into a group of enemies and hit them twice with AOE. Can also be used with Mana Strike (battlemage) and Thunderbolt (wizard) for extra DPS.

Aura of Light (paladin) + Blade Rush (ninja): While Aura of Light is great with most damage skills, it really shines with Blade Rush due to the very high DPS of this skill. Also great in combination with Ki Blast.

Starting tips

Interestingly, the beginning of Battleheart Legacy is harder than the later parts. But there are a few things you can do to make life simpler:

Charm (bard): even if you don’t intend to level up bard skills, it’s worth getting the tier 1 skill. It makes fights with two or more enemies a lot easier.

Aura of Light (paladin): allows you to heal while fighting. Crucial for survival.

Flame Weapon (battlemage): an early game welcome DPS boost.

Dual Wield doubles your DPS. Well worth getting early. If you are planning to level up barbarian, get Colossal Weapons instead.

Colosseum Battle Tips

When you hit level 20, you can generally begin to take on the colosseum. This is by far the fastest way to level up.

It is worth noting that once you are able to kill 100 enemies in the colosseum, you will automatically gain a legendary item. There is one legendary item for every weapon time and three different legendary armours. It is well worth acquiring these.

Optimal builds

The following is a list of the optimal builds I have found to work well

Spell Caster

Active Skills

  • Aura of Light (Paladin)
  • Blizzard (Wizard)
  • Tornado (Witch)
  • Corpse Explosion (Necromancer)
  • Meteor (Wizard)
  • Chain Lightning (Wizard)
  • Time Stop (Wizard)
  • Horror (Witch)

Passive Skills

  • Staff Master (Wizard)
  • Wild Magic (Wizard)
  • Arcane Potency (Battlemage)
  • Mass Destruction (Wizard)
  • Student of the Mind (Wizard)
  • Time Warp (Battlemage)


  • The Scourging Inferno
  • Robes of the Shadowmancer
  • 2 x Almanac of Annihilation (speed up cooldown timer)

Playstyle: Very easy and fun build to play. You can basically keep enemies unable to attack by alternating between Time Stop and Horror. Use Tornado to group up enemies and hit them with Area of Effect.

Ninja Close Combat

Active Skills

  • Premeditate (Ranger) – Unlimited time stops at low cooldown timer
  • Time Stop (Wizard)
  • Horror (Witch) – Use in the few situation where time stop is on a cooldown
  • Victory Banner (Knight) – More crits. Can be replaced by Frenzy before you level up Knight
  • Blade Rush (Ninja)
  • Savage Pounce (Barbarian)
  • Ki Blast (Monk)
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage)

Passive Skills

  • Dual Wield (Ninja)
  • Impending Doom (Ninja)
  • Lethality (Ninja)
  • Grit (Knight)
  • Punishment (Paladin)
  • Student of the Mind (Wizard)


  • 2 x Divinity
  • Cowl of the Red Fang (of anything that increases crit chance)
  • Howling Sickle
  • Choker of the Red Feast

Playstyle: Activate Flame Weapon and spam your weapon skills. Whenever Premeditate is available, activate it and immediately cast Time Stop (just once, to avoid triggering a long cooldown). This build can just go on and on in the colosseum. Before you get time stop, use Horror with the Premeditate.