Free Data – ISO Languages (CSV and Excel)

This data feed contains the ISO language in the world as per the ISO-639-1, ISO-639-2 and ISO-639-3 standards.

Download Formats

ISO Language Download in CSV
ISO Language Download in Windows UTF-16 with CRLF endings
ISO Language Download in Windows UTF-16 with CRLF endings

Table Scripts

Compatible table creation scripts are available for the following databases.

Postgres ISO Language script
SQL Server ISO Language script
MySQL ISO Language script

Data Dictionary

The following columns are contained in the dataset:

Column Type Description
SK_Language Integer Surrogate Key that can be used in a data warehouse. Unique across all datasets on this site
ISO639-3Code String
(Length: 3B)
The ISO-639-3 code. Unique in the dataset
ISO639-2BCode String
(Length: 3B)
The B-Code for ISO-639-2
ISO639-2TCode String
(Length: 3B)
The T-Code for ISO-639-2
ISO639-1Code String
(Length: 2B)
The ISO-639-1 Code
LanguageName String The English name of the language
Scope String Indicates whether this is a macro language or an individual or constructed language
Type/td> String The specific type of the language. For example, Klingon is classified as a “constructed” language
MacroLanguageISO639-3Code String (Length: 3B) The ISO-639-3 code of the parent language, if any.
MacroLanguageName String The name of the parent language, if any.
IsChild Boolean 1 if this is a child language, 0 otherwise