I greatly enjoy public speaking and sharing information. On this page, you can find links to some of the presentations I have done. Due to copyright, I am unfortunately not able to share all my slides here. I hope you enjoy the show


I keep my public slides here. You can view them all below.


Using your brain to beat the Optimiser – A presentation I did with Adam Machanic. We discovered some pretty interesting things together

Extreme Data Warehouse tuning. I did this presentation at the SQL Server user group in Sweden. It lists details on how we did the ETL world record.

  • Part 1 – Where I speak about what scalability really is
  • Part 2 – Where I speak about data models and why you need to care about it. I also get into the nitty-gritty details of how column stores work

I would add that it was summer and I had a hay fever that day. My nose was scratching and my entire body was itching (in case you got any other idea).

128 Core OLTP tuning – A presentation I did at SQLBits after having tuned a core banking workload to run at extreme speeds.

Designing High Speed Data Loading – A SQLBits presentation about doing world record speed data loading