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That Analysis Services 2008R2 Operations Guide is online

It is my pleasure to announce that the Operations Guide for SQL Server Analysis Services 2008R2 (and also 2005 and 2008) is now available on MSDN. Written by Denny Lee, John Sirmon (our new SSAS CAT member) and yours sincerely.

The guide describes how to configure, test and operate Analysis Services installations in a production environment. It is more than 100 pages of good information with contributions from a long list of MVP, SSAS specialists and the product group

Here it is: The Analysis Services 2008R2 Operations Guide

It was a pleasure working with you all to get this out there.


  1. bloger7791   •  

    Thanks. Nice guide.

  2. Akif   •  

    This exact sentiment was going trhguoh my head recently! I am a 15 year veteran of SQL Server and other technologies and was always afraid to blog, as I thought: there’s an endless supply of super experts out there (for e.g your first comment maker!) who will have already blogged/tweeted/spoken about various topics.I decided this year to take the plunge, and have started off sticking with personal experience, be it technical or not. I’ll let the blog take its own direction over time. It may continue, it may die a quick death, who knows?

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  5. Bill Pearson   •  

    Wonderful work on what has become a primary resource with SSAS performance enhancement. Those of us that implement MSBI daily deeply appreciate the effort put into this!

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  7. Marcel Franke   •  

    Good Job…this is a really good guide.

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