IBM M13 Keyboard

Turn off CAPS LOCK and INS

I am a ten finger typist doing around 5 strokes/second – though I do make a lot of mistakes. I learned the craft on a good old fashioned typewriter. The world has moved; unfortunately, keyboards have not. There are keys left in a modern keyboard that are simply of no use anymore – grim reminders of the age of typewriters or just leftovers from ancient (before 2000) times in computers.

Two such keys are CAPS LOCK and INS. As fast typist, you simply don’t need CAPS LOCK. And I have no idea what anyone needs INS for anymore. In other words, hitting either of those keys is always an error. Fortunately, there is a solution that does not require you to take a screwdriver to your keyboard: you can turn those keys off.

The attached registry file will do this nicely. Just unzip and apply.


Featured image: The legendary IBM M13 in Stealth Black.