A Line in the Sand

Dear everyone.

It has been a long time since I posted here on my blog. As you can probably guess – I have been busy. Both with private life commitments as well as work.

Many people have asked me what I am doing with my time these days. I am afraid I cannot yet reveal this – but I do promise that you will find out on this blog once I can. That being said, I wanted to draw a line in the sand and wrap up the history of this blog nicely

SQL Server

It is difficult to make predictions – especially about the future. But, I believe I have left SQL Server for good and I am unlikely to post a lot of new information about SQL Server on this blog.

What I will do is to clean up the blog, correct broken links, SEO optimise the content as much as needed and generally wrap things up nicely for this to become an archive preserved for the future, documenting my time in the SQL Server community.


My personal musing will be removed from this blog. I may pick up writing essays as a hobby  – just to stay sharp. Those who have expressed an interest in my non-technical musing will no doubt be able to track my new writing down when it is available.

Data Modeling and Programming – The Fight goes on!

When I resurface, this blog will shift its focus away from SQL Server related material and instead take a deeper look into the realm of high speed programming and powerful data modeling techniques. I have NOT given up the fight for better data models – just been too busy.

The Line…

I would like to thank everyone for their support and for actively participating in discussions here on my blog. I am particularly grateful to my old friends in Microsoft and the SQL Server community who have been a great help throughout the years. You made me what I am (the good parts – I take responsibility for the bad ones). Times are changing – and I am very happy to see the direction that Microsoft and SQL server is moving in.

I hope you will follow me on my new journey, once I am ready to talk about it… And there is a lot to talk about, once you step beyond that line in the sand…