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Utility functions: fn_convert_to_base and fn_nums

I will often use code to illustrate my points in this blog. Because data generation is a big part of these examples, I will take the chance to introduce a few functions that I find useful for that. I will use these functions in my examples, so refer to the Utilities category on this blog to find the source. Most of these functions are adaption from other users of SQL Server and I will do my utmost to give credit where credit is due. If you feel you are the owner of the original idea – please send me an email so I can give you proper credit.

fn_convert_to_base is very useful for creating hex or binary representations of numbers. As we shall see, using the hex representation of a key can be good for illustrating some points. The version I use is based on the code by Leo Vindosola:

Probably my all time favourite function is fn_nums that allows you to quickly generate a virtual table of integers. I use Itzik Ben Gan’s version.

Both of these can now be found in my source code repo.